Thursday, 11 August 2016

8 Ways to make Raksha Bandhan EPIC for your married brother

It’s not a cliché perception. Things indeed change after one’s marriage. Even the unbreakable bond between brothers and sisters start ageing—the ‘childhood crime partner’ drifts apart, unconsciously, for no reasons in particular. Maybe it’s the jobs… the kids… or the heavy responsibility of working on new relations… that this old tie takes a toll.

If you’re in the same juncture, you’re not alone. So, welcome to the club!

Either your brother or you (or both) got married, things started changing, and the love between you two started deserting.

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Although things can be fixed to the older days wherever and whenever you decide to take that ONE STEP, Raksha Bandhan brings in the perfect opportunity to relight the childhood bond with your brother. Good thing is we’re just days away from this auspicious day. If you haven’t already planned to make this day an epic one, be glad we’re here for you.

Here are 8 ways to make this Rakhi worth remembering for your now-married brother who is in different city, busy with his own family.
  • An early morning video call to disrupt his snooze fest. Wish him in the early hours and show you excitedly remember him and this day.
  • Schedule rakhi delivery online to his house around his breakfast hours. Surprise him again. There are many e-stores these days who not only offer large selection of designer rakhis but also an impeccable delivery service to different cities. So you can send rakhi to Kolkata or any other city easily and quickly. 
  • Create childhood photo collage and help your brother travel back in time to relive those jubilant hours. 
  • Send him multiple “remember when…” stories and take him to the nostalgic trip to days when things weren’t this damn complicated. 
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  • Plan a trip with him and his whole family this Puja or winter vacation. Believe us, he’ll love it!
  • Send sweets- lots of it. Online gift stores also offer a wide range of sweets that are specially prepared for this lovely day. Pick his favorite ones and schedule the delivery for the after-lunch hours.
  • Send chocolates for his kids. Again, he’ll love it!
  • If possible, show up at his house. Nothing is better on Raksha Bandhan than being there with your brother to share the joy of this day and the memories of the childhood. 
These 8 ways will sure bring your brother and you close enough like the past days. Now stop thinking, and head on to DOING. Dial a good gift store and arrange for sweets, chocolates, flowers and rakhi delivery online.