Monday, 21 March 2016

Life without Online Florists and Their Delivery Services

Today online florists and their same-day  flower delivery services play a very important role in our lives. Be it the festivals like Diwali and Holi or the personal occasions like birthdays and baby showers, they are right there at our steps on time with the beautiful, sweet essence flower package. But since we have taken these stores and flowers delivery for granted, what if we cycle back in time? What if these online flowers stores didn’t exist today? How would the festivals and anniversaries look like?
flowers delivery

Here are ten possible scenarios if the above mentioned instances happened to be true-

1  You won’t be able to surprise your best friends on their birthdays with midnight online flowers delivery.
2.  You will have to search the city for good flower stores.
3.  The types and varieties of flowers available to you would be very limited.
4.   You would stick to red roses for every occasion.
5.   Your festive days would start without the sweet essence of lilies.
6.   You would be oblivious to the charm of multi-color gerberas.
7.   You wouldn’t get as fresh of flowers as online flowers shops would have otherwise offered you.
8.   Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, dates, marriages, and more would be flowerless or with less flowers.
9. You will have to pay much higher price- even with you visiting the stores and buying flowers yourself.
10. You will have to walk back home from stores hasslings the now-poor condition of your flower package, thanks to crowded bus.

Life of people addicted to buying beautiful flowers online on every event or occasion and enjoying fast and on-time flower delivery India services would become hard. Good thing there exist many good online florists who, with their wide assortments and same-day delivery promise ensure that people don’t have to see such flowerless days.

Monday, 7 March 2016

19 Things To Do To Make Your Friends’ Birthday Even More Special

Tomorrow’s your best friend’s birthday; and you act all aloof today, even often trying and hinting desperately that you have no idea about the special day whatsoever. And just as the clock ticks ’00:00’ you make a phone call and wish in surprising and ecstatic tone. The next day you have brunch with the birthday person and the whole bunch of friends, but with the same gossips of ‘who says what’ and if they heard the new single of Zayn Malik.

chocolate cake delivery in Kolkata

This is the typical and most clichéd way of how majority celebrate their BFF’s birthday. And to be very blunt, IT IS BORING! C’mon that’s your best friend and this day needs to be special, exciting and filled with fun- that, years from now, you would remember and say “Let’s do that again”.

So here we put 19 things that you should do on your friends’ birthdays to make this day even more special, fun and memorable for them and for yourself-

Calling at midnight is outdated; sending cakes at midnight to their home is the new ‘in’. Buy online birthday cakes from top stores, they offer quick, efficient and anytime of the day (or night) delivery service.
Surprise them at their door early in the morning with your special gift. And by early, we mean ‘EARLY’!
  1. Don’t go to college/schools/office.
  2. Take a bus trip of around the city, even if the bus is TOO crowded.
  3. Take a break from the Subways and McDonalds, and hog the street food stalls.
  4. Compete who can eat the most ‘Golgappas’.
  5. Out of nowhere, in the middle, surprise them with the custom chocolates. Many top online stores, where you buy birthday cake, also offer personalized chocolates.
  6. Signup for a dance class and make complete fool of yourselves with awkward and weird moves.
  7. Take a long walk on a quite road, river bank or any place where you will feel closer to the nature.
  8. If the opportunity provides, crash a live TV news reporting.
  9. Go watch any sport live on the ground and cheer your lungs off.
  10. Make the birthday person call her/his parents and say thank you to them for no particular reason.
  11. Talking about calls, a few prank calls would be pretty amazing.
  12. For once in your life don’t start with “where our careers are going?”
Go on the terrace of the tallest building in your city and enjoy the bliss of sunset.
Feed on cake, again. Especially buy birthday cake of Kolkata, if you’re in this city. Online stores offer some of the most delicious cakes with many types of mouth-watering frostings. But even if you’re not in this city, you can order. Same stores also offer interstate deliveries.

Watch your friend’s favorite movie with him/her at your home, even if you never liked it’s
While watching, buy champagne online in Kolkata and gulp down all the tiredness of the most happening day of your life. Then, delve yourself in the sweetest of sleep.

Do these 19 things on your friends’ birthdays and turn this day into a memorable one.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Buy Beautiful Custom Birthday Cakes from Online Stores

Although serenaded with its scrumptious taste, few people care much about the look of their cake. But if you are to buy birthday cake online for your friend, family or peer, you must be very selective; selective to choose the best flavored cake that is equally good looking to delight both the appetite and sight of the birthday girl/boy. And this is where custom options that birthday cakes online stores offers comes in as a handy tool.

buy birthday cake online

Custom Cakes

Ordering at E-Shops comes with many fits beside their many offerings and super fast and efficient cakes online delivery. One of the benefits is that they offer a comprehensive customization option to their customers. So you can easily personalize the cakes and show your love to the birthday person in a more wondrous way.

Different Frosting

When we say personalizing the cakes, we definitely mean much more that just the clichés like “Happy Birthday You…” However sweet it may look, it’s plain boring. So you must come with fresh ideas. You can work your way around with the many frosting options these online cake shops offer, from caramel, chocolate and butter-cream to lemon, vanilla and coffee.

Detailing your birthday cakes

There are many ways you can model your finished cakes- of course it largely depends on the on the type you ordered. Crystallizing fresh flower petals might be one unconventional thing but works like a charm- it adds that refreshing scent to the cakes and make them look outstanding.
Also different types of sugarpastes and small figures are the best ways to detail up your cake, followed by sprinkles and powdered walnuts.

Now that you have customized your cake perfectly, instead of taking it yourself, surprise the birthday person with quick online cake delivery service of these e-shops.