Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Post-Diwali—Send sweets to people who you forgot to wish

"Hey, how are you?"

Even a simple, caring and out-of-blue text from your durr-wale relatives and friends can make your whole day- if not week. It makes you feel loved, wanted and cared.
So imagine how someone, in your distant relation, would feel if you send them a pack scrumptious sweet and flowers, out of nowhere, as post Diwali wishes? They would love it, or course, to say the least.

DO IT!!! Buy Indian sweets!!!

Who do you miss to wish this Diwali?

Durga Puja, and then Diwali, the whole season is busy. From mum, dad and siblings to friends, chachas, mamas and who not—you’re tasked to wish every one and gift them something good. So no one’s really surprised that you missed someone during this hectic time. Maybe that durr wali bua who you haven’t seen in years? Or that crazy dorm friend who’s now a leading business man?

Regardless, just because you missed wishing them on Diwali doesn’t mean you should wait till next year. Make a move right now; let them know that you remember them and just how important they are to you.

Dial a good online Indian sweet shop

While some stores are already out of sweets, there are still many who are continuing the Diwali celebratory mood, still offering many different types of delicious sweets; laddus, barfis, rosogullas, and more. Order a pack! And bank on the unmatched delivery service of these sweet shops. Quick, efficient and of course very cheap, the sweet sweets and amazing delivery assures to leave your relatives and friends surprised, happy and in awe. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

What Are The Perks Of Shopping Flowers Online?

With the increasing popularity of online shopping facility, nothing is unavailable on the e-stores which take just a few clicks to purchase a product. Whether it is the door to door delivery services or the comfort of choosing your favourite items sitting on your couch, online stores have changed the way shopping used to be.

Now the good news is that, it is not only limited to clothes, accessories or cosmetics! You can now purchase flowers online with the arrival of reputed florists in the virtual arena. Whether it is your beloved’s birthday or your parents’ anniversary, now you no longer need to visit the flower shops in person and stand in the cue to buy your bouquets. You can simply do it online by just visiting your favourite florist’s website and placing your order.

You Get Wide Variety At Online Flower Shops

When it comes to variety, you get very little options at the local stores whilst the flower shops online will offer you a huge variety in breeds, colours, designs and assortments of flowers that you will enjoy giving to your loved one. You will have the comfort of choosing the perfect gift for your friend or lover sitting on your couch or at your office when you can take a little time out to select the best floral gift for the person close to your heart.

Fresh Flowers on the Way with Online Flower Shops

Buying flowers from the local florist requires you to buy it right before you are going to give it to someone. Otherwise, buying it a night before will simply take its lustre away. However, with online flower shops, you will not face this problem. They will select the freshest flowers which will last longer and deliver it on the right time so that your bouquet doesn’t look 2-3 days old. You can also opt for a same day delivery with some of highly reputed stores.

With flower shops online, you can also send flowers to the address of your loved ones if you can’t be present there in person. When your close ones stay abroad or out of state, you can still gift them fresh flowers with the help of these top online florists.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Few amazing ways to surprise your long distance friend on her birthday

We all have that one long distance friends of ours, who mean very special to us. Be it on the birthdays , or any other special occasions, celebrating becomes a matter of worry and hassle, and to diminish the distance comes the online gift shops which work towards delivering happiness across distance. So, do you too have a friend who stays far away and her birthday is approaching? You need to ditch all your anxieties and get ready to surprise her with the best celebrations, which she is going to treasure forever. Be it through the Online Flower Delivery or by making a dinner reservation, let’s make this day extra –sweet and special for her.
Here are few of the ideas to make her smile.

Midnight fantasy

Girls love getting pampered when the clock strikes 12 at night, and you need to make her feel like a princess. All you need to do is get in touch with an online gift shop, and order the strawberry or caramel or chocolate cake whichever she prefers with her name and your special sweet message, and get it delivered to her place at the midnight of her birthday!

Wake her up with flowers

Which girl doesn’t like to wake up and open the door with a bunch of exquisite flowers? You just need to click few times on the web, choose the best assortment of her favorite flowers and add he details of the delivery address. She will get the begin her day with wishes of you coming across through the scented and beautiful bouquet of flowers. Add a special birthday note to express your wishes!

A lunch treat

You can exclusively make her happy by reserving a table for her at a fine dine restaurant for lunch. Ask the waiters to play violins, and definitely the birthday song to cheer her up so that she doesn’t feel your absence. Make it special with a platter from her choicest cuisine to hog over!

Office desk shenanigans

To break her office monotony when she needs to work on her birthday, you can manage to get it all decorated with the customized coffee mugs, flowers, balloons and the stuffy –adorable teddy! This will definitely put a smile on her face and make her feel like a princess. There are many online stores which can deliver all these items, and you can ask her colleagues to help you with the designing of the cubicle.

Exotic dinner

To help her have a very mesmerizing dinner, you can always order pizza for her! The extra cheese with special topping s, and the bottle of wine or champagne will be enough to end her day with perfect bliss.

Thus, through chocolate cake delivery or the wine bottle, the online stores are there to help you put a smile on someone’s face.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

8 Ways to make Raksha Bandhan EPIC for your married brother

It’s not a cliché perception. Things indeed change after one’s marriage. Even the unbreakable bond between brothers and sisters start ageing—the ‘childhood crime partner’ drifts apart, unconsciously, for no reasons in particular. Maybe it’s the jobs… the kids… or the heavy responsibility of working on new relations… that this old tie takes a toll.

If you’re in the same juncture, you’re not alone. So, welcome to the club!

Either your brother or you (or both) got married, things started changing, and the love between you two started deserting.

rakhi delivery online

Although things can be fixed to the older days wherever and whenever you decide to take that ONE STEP, Raksha Bandhan brings in the perfect opportunity to relight the childhood bond with your brother. Good thing is we’re just days away from this auspicious day. If you haven’t already planned to make this day an epic one, be glad we’re here for you.

Here are 8 ways to make this Rakhi worth remembering for your now-married brother who is in different city, busy with his own family.
  • An early morning video call to disrupt his snooze fest. Wish him in the early hours and show you excitedly remember him and this day.
  • Schedule rakhi delivery online to his house around his breakfast hours. Surprise him again. There are many e-stores these days who not only offer large selection of designer rakhis but also an impeccable delivery service to different cities. So you can send rakhi to Kolkata or any other city easily and quickly. 
  • Create childhood photo collage and help your brother travel back in time to relive those jubilant hours. 
  • Send him multiple “remember when…” stories and take him to the nostalgic trip to days when things weren’t this damn complicated. 
send rakhi to kolkata

  • Plan a trip with him and his whole family this Puja or winter vacation. Believe us, he’ll love it!
  • Send sweets- lots of it. Online gift stores also offer a wide range of sweets that are specially prepared for this lovely day. Pick his favorite ones and schedule the delivery for the after-lunch hours.
  • Send chocolates for his kids. Again, he’ll love it!
  • If possible, show up at his house. Nothing is better on Raksha Bandhan than being there with your brother to share the joy of this day and the memories of the childhood. 
These 8 ways will sure bring your brother and you close enough like the past days. Now stop thinking, and head on to DOING. Dial a good gift store and arrange for sweets, chocolates, flowers and rakhi delivery online.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Celebrations Made Easy With Online Birthday Cakes

A birthday or anniversary celebration is incomplete without a grand cake and with online birthday cakes available, it has become very easy and convenient to order them. As such to procure a cake, you have to go all the way to a confectionary house which is time consuming. Here comes the online cake stores which give perfect delivery service as well.

Plethora of options for cakes

Ordering a cake online is quite simple. All you have to do is visit the website, browse through the cakes designs. There are several designs available in as many flavours. So, you’ll certainly need a royal time to explore and decide on which design and flavour you want. The basket of flavours are widespread including chocolate, vanilla, seasonal fruits, exotic fruits, black forest, butterscotch and much more!

Leave a message

On top of your cake, you’d like to convey a nice message! Well, that can be done as you leave a note of these instructions. A sweet message will certainly make the day of your loved ones. 

Gifts galore to complement the cake

Besides the cake, you can pamper your loved one with nice flowers, yummy chocolates and cute soft toys. They’ll complement the cake beautifully to make your effort memorable. The websites have plenty of options in the gifts category as well for you to choose. These blooms of delight come in varying hues, arrangements and flower types. The customers don’t have to worry about the quality of the products as everything is of high quality. 

Now, sitting from home or office, you can make all arrangements for celebrating a special occasion. In fact, it is not only easier but also cost effective to buy flowers online or book for online birthday cakes!

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

7 reasons to order cakes online even when it's no one's birthday

If you really like cakes (well, of course you do!) birthdays and anniversaries are the poor excuse to feast on them. Poor, especially with top stores making online cake order process as simple as burping after eating it. Even their cake online delivery service has become jet fast and very efficient with same day delivery option.

Online Cake Delivery

Here we provide you with 7 amazing reasons to order and receive online cake delivery even when it's not someone's birthday or anniversary-
  1. Top online cake stores are offering special discount. In price of one, you can now order 2 cakes. We know, AWESOME!

  2. Your favorite sports team had a blast in a tournament. Like KKR had quite a run in this IPL. Yep, they lost- but only after an outstanding and fighting performance. That calls in for celebration with chocolate cake (s), doesn't it?

  3. You posted a selfie on Facbook and received no 'Likes' and you cared no less, no more. Go for cake online delivery and feed on it for your badass and indifferent attitude.

  4. Your crush finally saw you yesterday and today, she finally (FINALLY!) said "hie". Best. Day. Ever. Right?You managed to lose 100 whole grams off your weight. You kept your New Year's resolution of getting in shape. Now of course that needs to be celebrated.

  5. Unlike others, you don't give a squat about all the hullabaloo of 'Game of Thrones'. You're just happy watching the re-runs of 'That '70s show'. You're different; you're unique; you must feast on cookie cakes to savor your uniqueness.

  6. Its 11:00 at night, you can't sleep. You're hungry. You open your fridge and there's nothing. You finally have your "Oh, wait" moment. You realize online stores, aside from offering amazing and scrumptious cakes also offer midnight delivery. So you shoot your browser and go for online cake order.
Hopefully these 7 awesome reasons would be sufficient to convince you for online cake order today. Need more reasons? Worry not; we'll be back with another list. Till then, keep ordering.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Buy Anniversary Gifts from Online Stores and Reminisce Your Wedding Vows Once Again

Your wedding is worth celebrating since it has gone through a lot difficult times. So whether you are planning to throw a grand party in this honour or wish to spend the day alone with your partner, you must be thinking of making the entire day very special for your loved ones. Offering romantic and meaningful gifts to your loved one makes a lot of sense and enables you to declare your love and affection for the person, close to your heart. Wondering what you can buy to create the right impression on her as well as something that come affordable to your budget? No worries! We've got you covered with an amazing list of Anniversary Gifts Online.
Anniversary Gifts Online


What can be a better way to express your feelings than a bouquet of exotic flowers? True goes the saying "flowers speak a thousand words". More than conveying an aesthetic appeal flowers signify love, admiration and passion and are perfect to brighten up your dear one's mood. So are you looking for a rare kind of orchid or carnation to present to your partner? Then look no further than the online sites that bring forth an exclusive range of blooms from lilies and roses to orchids, carnations and gerberas. However, you can also find their terms to be flexible enough to pick your favorite color palette. Plus, they are also offering a large options between single strands, bouquets and baskets. So visit their websites today and place your orders for your favorite blossoms.


Cake is a quintessential object for celebrating a special event and when it is the anniversary of your wedding, it makes more sense than not. So contact a trusted bakery shop online and lay your eyes on their assorted array of chocolate fudge and black forest cakes with vanilla and strawberry fusions to finally choose your preferred one and make this special day even more special. With countless options they also ensure the right quality of their products and go out of their ways to make sure that your demands are fulfilled.
Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Sweets and Chocolates
Retain the sweetness in your relationship with some desserts and chocolates ordered online. There are some amazing offers on the basket of sweets, dark and milk chocolates, dry fruits and flowers which are sure going to melt her heart and rekindle the spark between you two. Well, if you are booking your order for the first time and have doubts about their authenticity, you can simply check the feedbacks of previous customers and enjoy shopping your Wedding Anniversary Gifts from their sites.

Champagne and Wine
A celebration cannot be considered complete for some without opening a bottle of champagne. You can also think of gifting it to your close one with a nicely arranged bouquet of flowers and a note of heartfelt wishes. There are many online websites that offer some high quality ranges of champagne and wine that you can have packaged in a pleasant way. So contact an online shop that offers these Anniversary Gifts in Kolkata within reasonable rates and place your order today.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

4 Reasons why Online Cake Shopping is more Convenient for Birthday Celebration

A cake is one of the most essential things to be required for a birthday celebration. With the cutting of a cake turning into a ritual, we cannot imagine a birthday without a delectable cake. Now are you heading towards a local shop to buy your favorite delicacy? Well check out some reasons why you should go for online cake delivery services instead. Take a look!

Rare and Remarkable Varieties of Cakes

As opposed to the local bakery shops where you can hardly find your preferred choice of cake, running through the vast category of some online sites brings a wide variety of scrumptious cakes at your fingertips. From different ranges of black forest, chocolate truffle to vanilla and strawberry fusions a buyer is free to select the decorations, icings and flavors- everything with just a few clicks.
Chocolate Cake Delivery in Kolkata

You can also approach these websites and send them your favorite flavor, design and other decorative details to buy cakes online in Kolkata.

Rechecked Quality with Enhanced Taste

Well, when it comes to assuring the good quality of the cakes and other edibles, you must not doubt their authenticity. These e-stores are quite credible and assure high quality products by using healthy and fresh ingredients. But if you come across a glitch in any of their products or service, you will get your money refunded to your account. However, you can also run through the customer feedbacks to know about their reputation in serving customers before placing your orders.

Speedy Doorstep Delivery 
Since collecting the order for your desired cake can mean too time-consuming for you, these online bakeries have taken the entire responsibility of delivering your product at your doorstep within the exact time schedule. So if you are willing to buy birthday cake in chocolate variant and send it to your loved one, living abroad, you can add a heartfelt message with wishes in the package to be delivered with it at his doorstep.
Buy Cakes Online in Kolkata

Hassle-free Event Arrangement Service
There are many online cake sites that allow to place bulk orders for any social events or family functions. Fulfilling different needs for two or three tiered cakes and their decorations, they help people save a lot of time and effort in planning these events since one of the important works is  done by their online service in the most effective and efficient manner.

So whether it's your birthday or of someone very close to you, buy birthday cake of kolkata and celebrate this auspicious occasion in the presence of your dear ones.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Looking for Flowers for Varied Occasions?- Go Online!

"Flowers speak thousand words"- this oft-heard phrase finds relevance every time you pick a blossom and  gift it to your loved one, no matter what the occasion is. Plus, there's no denying the fact that no other expensive gift can convey your deepest emotions as efficiently as a single strand or a bouquet of flowers does. So be it celebrating a grand event or paying homage to your dear one, you can find flowers in all shapes, sizes, colors and varieties in online florist sites that are aimed at offering the most fresh and authentic products at affordable prices with free doorstep delivery services. Here is a list of events that you can find blossoms for from these floral websites. Take a look!

Online Flower Delivery Service


Whether it is the birthday of your favorite person or someone of your acquaintance, gifting a bouquet of bright and fresh flowers can create a lasting bond between two person and do not make a hole in your pocket. However, if you are celebrating this occasion in a grand way, you can visit a best online flower shop and ask for doorstep flower arrangement service with the blooms of your personal choice and the whole interior.


There are many online florist shops that offer authentic quality of flowers for bigger events like weddings and take the entire responsibility of arrangement upon themselves. In addition to their large variety, they work upon providing online flower delivery service to the shared address.

You can also pick red roses, carnations and orchids from their extended category to curate a beautiful wedding bouquet that carries meaning to your marriage.

Online Flower Orders

Congratulatory Events
Has your younger sibling passed her board exams with flying colors? Then congratulate her with a bunch of carnations and a heartfelt note to wish her "all the best" on her success. You can even make your order for a vase of assorted flowers with customized arrangement to send your love to her, when you are staying far from her.

First Date
This may appear outdated for some, but offering a nice bouquet of flowers to your date remains the most romantic form of courtship and this shows how much affection you feel for that special one. Besides red rose, you can find more options like orchids that stands for love, beauty and refinement and white lilies depicting purity and majesty to gift to your partners.
These florist websites also take online flower orders in larger amount for special events and take entire responsibility of creating decorations to making proper arrangements to offering free of cost shipping services.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How Are Online Shops Making Every Occasion Special with Their Customized Cakes

Don't you love the aroma of a freshly baked cake (who doesn't)? But imagine receiving a personalized cake at your doorstep that has the same flavor, taste, ingredients and fragrance, rather better than what you would have baked at home. Well, it's true that many of the reputed online cake stores are now taking the entire responsibility of producing high quality spongy cakes with unmatched tastes and delivering them at the given address without extra shipping charges. So be it any occasion, wedding, birthday or school anniversary, make way to online shops today.

Wedding ceremony

The enjoyment of celebrating a wedding falls short, if there is no cake to slice out. With cake-cutting becoming an integral part of this celebration,  buying them from a brick and mortar store appears to be a rare sight in today's date. The reasons are quite evident. As opposed to the conventional cake shops who cannot offer free delivery service for a large amount, an online site is always on the command of their customers and serve them in fresh forms without putting extra charges on shipping.

Birthday bash

Whether you are arranging a party or attending one, a birthday without a cake and some candles cannot be imagined. If baking a cake at home sounds troublesome to you, you can simply go to a well known online cake shop that offers a large variety in different flavors from chocolate to strawberry to vanilla to butterscotch and more. If you want to buy birthday cake of kolkata for your kid, you should go to the customized section of an online site and choose the one with his or her favorite cartoon character or any preferred theme.

School anniversary

Is your school going to celebrate its silver jubilee in the coming week? Now when it comes to making its arrangements, food and cakes are inevitable. To keep you unburdened with the load of lots of arrangements, there are various online cake shops that creates customized cakes as per your preferences for flavor, ingredients, icing and topping. The biggest perks of availing them online is that they will deliver your product at your shared address without any extra charges on shipping. So be it chocolate truffle, black forest or vanilla, you can find all of them and more at your fingertips.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Discover the Meanings of Some Flowers before Buying Them from Online Shops

From birthday to farewell to get-well-soon wishes there's nothing that can express your feelings better than a nice bouquet of flowers. In fact a strand of red rose is enough to get you closer to your loved ones. But do you know that each flower has a different meaning and carries some symbolism due to its various origins and its connection to ancient mythology? In the following guide we have unravelled a few meanings and the distinct languages of flowers. Wait, we know you may want to buy them. So there's no way you can go past the online florist shops. Take a look.

Online Flower Delivery


Roses symbolise love, beauty and passion in general, but different hued roses  have different meanings. So if you are buying a bouquet of roses for your girlfriend on her birthday from an Online Flower Shop, make sure that you know what each color means. Pink roses express gratitude that a couple feels for meeting one another and white ones depict innocence while the red and ivory roses indicate passion and fidelity towards one another.


Lily, dated back to the 1580 B.C, has a major role in ancient mythology. Since these majestic blooms are quite fashionable to look at, they are often used in elaborate wedding arrangements to add elegance and sophistication to the entire ceremony. So you can visit a reputed florist to place your order for these flowers to create a stunning bride bouquet or a centre table piece and avail their online flower delivery service to get them at the exact location.


Though the name literally suggests golden flower, chrysanthemums signify truth, wealth and abundance. Originating in the 15th century B.C. these blossoms have a plenty of stories and a rooted connection to Greek mythology. In fact they can be fused with other types of blooms since chrysanthemums have no fragrance of their own.

You can also send artificial flowers to those who are staying abroad and surprise them with a heart-rending message, tied to the gift box placing online flower orders at a well known floral site.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Celebrating Birthdays Has Become Easier With Online Cake Delivery Service

Whether it is small or big birthday celebration, buying a cake is a must and it has now become a lot easier with the online shops offering a wonderful assortment of cakes in different flavours. But what has made these sites so popular overnight? Read on to know.

buy birthday cake


You would surely want to avoid the hassles of standing in a queue at your local shop to finally find what you want. So this is time that you check out a reputed online site and scroll your eyes through their options and then place your order with just a few clicks. So the entire thing comes to your fingertips at your convenience with timely chocolate cake delivery in kolkata .

Countless options with combo offers

The online cake shops have a wide variety of cakes and other sweet delicacies. However, unlike your local shops, these e-sites have an incredibly vast range, from chocolate truffles and black forests to strawberry and vanilla delights which are going to make you spoilt for choices. Whether you want them in egg or eggless variety, you can make your pick according to your personal preference. 

If you are considering to buy birthday cake and send it to your loved one, then you can try to add some more sweetness to it. Opt for chocolates, dry fruits, sweets or even a bottle of wine or champagne to upgrade its value. You can also add a note, carrying your heartfelt wishes and express your love and affection for the person you love. The online cake shops are offering all of these benefits to their customers while maintaining the quality of their products.

Quality rechecked

Well, when it comes to assuring the good quality of the cakes and other edibles, you must not doubt their authenticity. These e-stores are quite credible and assure high quality products by using healthy and fresh ingredients. But if you come across a glitch in any of their products or service, you will get your money refunded to your account. However, you can also run through the customer feedbacks to know about their reputation in serving customers before placing your orders.

Timely delivery with inexpensive prices

The large options at the online shops are sure to fall within your budget and do not employ any middleman in the entire dealing process between them and the customers. Hence, it is quite easy to buy cakes online in Kolkata. Plus, online ventures deliver gifts to the recipient in less time. So this also saves your time by booking your order from your house.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Life without Online Florists and Their Delivery Services

Today online florists and their same-day  flower delivery services play a very important role in our lives. Be it the festivals like Diwali and Holi or the personal occasions like birthdays and baby showers, they are right there at our steps on time with the beautiful, sweet essence flower package. But since we have taken these stores and flowers delivery for granted, what if we cycle back in time? What if these online flowers stores didn’t exist today? How would the festivals and anniversaries look like?
flowers delivery

Here are ten possible scenarios if the above mentioned instances happened to be true-

1  You won’t be able to surprise your best friends on their birthdays with midnight online flowers delivery.
2.  You will have to search the city for good flower stores.
3.  The types and varieties of flowers available to you would be very limited.
4.   You would stick to red roses for every occasion.
5.   Your festive days would start without the sweet essence of lilies.
6.   You would be oblivious to the charm of multi-color gerberas.
7.   You wouldn’t get as fresh of flowers as online flowers shops would have otherwise offered you.
8.   Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, dates, marriages, and more would be flowerless or with less flowers.
9. You will have to pay much higher price- even with you visiting the stores and buying flowers yourself.
10. You will have to walk back home from stores hasslings the now-poor condition of your flower package, thanks to crowded bus.

Life of people addicted to buying beautiful flowers online on every event or occasion and enjoying fast and on-time flower delivery India services would become hard. Good thing there exist many good online florists who, with their wide assortments and same-day delivery promise ensure that people don’t have to see such flowerless days.

Monday, 7 March 2016

19 Things To Do To Make Your Friends’ Birthday Even More Special

Tomorrow’s your best friend’s birthday; and you act all aloof today, even often trying and hinting desperately that you have no idea about the special day whatsoever. And just as the clock ticks ’00:00’ you make a phone call and wish in surprising and ecstatic tone. The next day you have brunch with the birthday person and the whole bunch of friends, but with the same gossips of ‘who says what’ and if they heard the new single of Zayn Malik.

chocolate cake delivery in Kolkata

This is the typical and most clichéd way of how majority celebrate their BFF’s birthday. And to be very blunt, IT IS BORING! C’mon that’s your best friend and this day needs to be special, exciting and filled with fun- that, years from now, you would remember and say “Let’s do that again”.

So here we put 19 things that you should do on your friends’ birthdays to make this day even more special, fun and memorable for them and for yourself-

Calling at midnight is outdated; sending cakes at midnight to their home is the new ‘in’. Buy online birthday cakes from top stores, they offer quick, efficient and anytime of the day (or night) delivery service.
Surprise them at their door early in the morning with your special gift. And by early, we mean ‘EARLY’!
  1. Don’t go to college/schools/office.
  2. Take a bus trip of around the city, even if the bus is TOO crowded.
  3. Take a break from the Subways and McDonalds, and hog the street food stalls.
  4. Compete who can eat the most ‘Golgappas’.
  5. Out of nowhere, in the middle, surprise them with the custom chocolates. Many top online stores, where you buy birthday cake, also offer personalized chocolates.
  6. Signup for a dance class and make complete fool of yourselves with awkward and weird moves.
  7. Take a long walk on a quite road, river bank or any place where you will feel closer to the nature.
  8. If the opportunity provides, crash a live TV news reporting.
  9. Go watch any sport live on the ground and cheer your lungs off.
  10. Make the birthday person call her/his parents and say thank you to them for no particular reason.
  11. Talking about calls, a few prank calls would be pretty amazing.
  12. For once in your life don’t start with “where our careers are going?”
Go on the terrace of the tallest building in your city and enjoy the bliss of sunset.
Feed on cake, again. Especially buy birthday cake of Kolkata, if you’re in this city. Online stores offer some of the most delicious cakes with many types of mouth-watering frostings. But even if you’re not in this city, you can order. Same stores also offer interstate deliveries.

Watch your friend’s favorite movie with him/her at your home, even if you never liked it’s
While watching, buy champagne online in Kolkata and gulp down all the tiredness of the most happening day of your life. Then, delve yourself in the sweetest of sleep.

Do these 19 things on your friends’ birthdays and turn this day into a memorable one.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Buy Beautiful Custom Birthday Cakes from Online Stores

Although serenaded with its scrumptious taste, few people care much about the look of their cake. But if you are to buy birthday cake online for your friend, family or peer, you must be very selective; selective to choose the best flavored cake that is equally good looking to delight both the appetite and sight of the birthday girl/boy. And this is where custom options that birthday cakes online stores offers comes in as a handy tool.

buy birthday cake online

Custom Cakes

Ordering at E-Shops comes with many fits beside their many offerings and super fast and efficient cakes online delivery. One of the benefits is that they offer a comprehensive customization option to their customers. So you can easily personalize the cakes and show your love to the birthday person in a more wondrous way.

Different Frosting

When we say personalizing the cakes, we definitely mean much more that just the clichés like “Happy Birthday You…” However sweet it may look, it’s plain boring. So you must come with fresh ideas. You can work your way around with the many frosting options these online cake shops offer, from caramel, chocolate and butter-cream to lemon, vanilla and coffee.

Detailing your birthday cakes

There are many ways you can model your finished cakes- of course it largely depends on the on the type you ordered. Crystallizing fresh flower petals might be one unconventional thing but works like a charm- it adds that refreshing scent to the cakes and make them look outstanding.
Also different types of sugarpastes and small figures are the best ways to detail up your cake, followed by sprinkles and powdered walnuts.

Now that you have customized your cake perfectly, instead of taking it yourself, surprise the birthday person with quick online cake delivery service of these e-shops.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Pamper Your Siblings with Delicious Cakes Available Online

Who does not like to get a beautiful surprise on his or her birthday? This time you can do it for your brother or sister and how? With just a delectable spongy cake in the flavor that he or she likes the most. Unless you are a pro at baking an amazing cake, leave it to the experts who do it best. There are many online shops that have an extensive list of cakes to ensure that you never go out of choices. Here's what you can find there.

Online Cake Delivery In Kolkata

Chocolate truffle cake

What can be a better way to brighten up the special day for your beloved sister than a chocolate truffle cake? When it melts into the mouth, the gooey taste that it leaves is perfect to make her entire day. So Buy Cake Online and go for easy payment options.

Black forest

A black forest cake with vanilla frosting and cherry topping is not only ravishing to look at but also delicious to taste. Soaked in kirch syrup and spongy layers of rich chocolate it makes for a great pick. To make the most of her day, place your order in a combo of a cake and flower bouquet with a written note to show how much you care for her.

Vanilla delight

Unlike the local stores, an Online Cake Shop offers the flexibility to choose the flavor, frosting, icing and even topping on the cakes based on individual preferences. So if the milky white vanilla flavor brings smile on your dear one's face, then go get it online. You may find different options like those with yummy fruit toppings or the ones with delicious frosting and fresh strawberries on top.

Eggless variety

With some of the best cake shops taking the online platform, you are no longer required to go about the town to find a scrumptious eggless cake. All you have to do is choose the flavor and designs and book your order for the ones that he or she has been craving for long. For those living abroad, you can send them their favorite pick with the help of online cakes delivery service without much of an effort.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Is Quick Delivery Service Enough Of A Reason To Buy Flowers Online?

With nearly everyone being so busy in today’s world- adults and kids alike- flowers delivery services has come to play a very important role in people’s lives. Delivering flowers at the impeccable time, regardless the geographic boundaries- best online flower shop has clearly upgraded their services for customers’ convenience to a whole different level.

online flower orders

‘Head over heels’-quick
Flower delivery India services of top and renowned online shops has gotten excitingly quick. Regardless where your loved ones live- other district, city, state, country or even continent- these shops can deliver your ordered flowers very quickly and efficiently. Even bad weather condition is no barrier for them.

Affordable price range 
There are many online shops who offer flowers delivery for free if a customer buy beyond a minimum price cap. But even when they charge, the cost is well within means of the majority and affordable. So if you still have that old-school mythical perception of these long-distance delivery services charge, you need to change that.

And it’s not JUST their delivery
Although quick and efficient delivery service is one of the most important features of best online flower shop, it is not the only area where they ace. Their products assortment is equally large and with plethora of high quality varieties. They offer many types and varieties of fresh and essence-rich flowers that are perfectly apt to meet the different feel of different events or occasions. From red roses for Valentines Day to yellow roses and gerberas for the parents’ day- you can put any and all online flower orders.

And it’s not JUST their flowers
These shops are, in many ways, a ‘one-stop-gift-shop’. They not only offer flowers but also many other gift items; chocolates, cakes and teddy bears being few of those items. Subsequently, their collection includes many varieties. Like in their cakes department, chocolate ones of course rule, but they also offer many other flavors like butter scotch, strawberry, almonds, orange and more. Even their chocolate collection is huge with many varieties. One of the great things about these variations is that they suit every budget.

So were you planning to buy from online flowers shops, do that; but also consider the other amazing items that these shops offer. And at the end, enjoy the best of flowers delivery service.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Pick Up Exclusive, Love-Loaded Valentine Gifts For Her Online

Valentine'sday is a an occasion when lovers celebrate their togetherness . From exchanging gifts, to long drives, movie dates and candle-lit dinners , it is the day to express your love and admiration for your partner. The gifts you present, symbolize your emotions beautifully. Hence, a lot of planning and contemplation is required before you go about choosing a gift for your lover. Considering the fact that girls love gifts, guys find it a time-consuming affair to choose valentine's day gifts for her. But to your rescue, comes the online stores and e-commerce sites which offer a huge collection of gifts . 

valentine gift for her online shopping

Following are few ideas about the gifts you can present her this year:


If you are thinking of gifting something simple, yet meaningful, then nothing can beat the beauty of flowers. The flowers come in exclusive range in terms of varieties and style. You can buy lose to a bunch, or even with flower vase and bouquets. Decide according to your partner's preference and pick  up orchids, or roses, gerberas , carnation or lilies.  Their catalogue has a variety of color options too. Also, you can be completely assured about the quality, look and  scent of these flowers. 

Girls love chocolates . Keeping this in mind, there cannot be any other gift better than these. Choose a variety of flavored chocolates from the list of the online ventures . From Cadbury Celebrations, to Ferrero Rocher, to other exotic ones, gift her love with sweetness. You can also mix cards and flowers with these chocolates to share your feelings with the special one. Thus chocolates will definitely turn out to be one of the best valentine online gifts for her .

For girls, there's nothing like teddy bears. Symbolizing  longevity and togetherness, they make the best gift items. Hugging these and by cuddling them, she will always keep you closer to her heart. Thus gifting her soft-cute teddies is a safe option. The e-commerce sites offer you a variation in teddy bears and other soft toys in terms of size and colors. Try adding flowers with teddy bears and turn it into a lovely gift box. 

The online sites recently are recently running the trend of selling cards , both blank and designed for your special ones. On this valentine's day, why not convey your thought and feelings with her? Words penned done have a different aura in itself. Order beautiful cards, even customized ones and write down about your love for her including short quotes and poems. This will definitely bring a blissful smile to her face. 

Wine and champagne 
Invest in gift packs with wine or champagne bottles of exotic flavour and quality. If it is all about going for a candle lit dinner at her terrace, then it would be incomplete without glasses of red wine or champagne. Your gift hamper's richness will get spruced up with these exciting drinks. You can make a combo pack of drinks , flowers and card for her easily at affordable rates .

Buying valentine gift for her through online shopping  is becoming a trend now. Instead of facing the crowd at shops and malls, save a lot of time in affordable price. After all ,she will definitely be happy to receive a basket full of goodies on  waking up in the morning!