Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Post-Diwali—Send sweets to people who you forgot to wish

"Hey, how are you?"

Even a simple, caring and out-of-blue text from your durr-wale relatives and friends can make your whole day- if not week. It makes you feel loved, wanted and cared.
So imagine how someone, in your distant relation, would feel if you send them a pack scrumptious sweet and flowers, out of nowhere, as post Diwali wishes? They would love it, or course, to say the least.

DO IT!!! Buy Indian sweets!!!

Who do you miss to wish this Diwali?

Durga Puja, and then Diwali, the whole season is busy. From mum, dad and siblings to friends, chachas, mamas and who not—you’re tasked to wish every one and gift them something good. So no one’s really surprised that you missed someone during this hectic time. Maybe that durr wali bua who you haven’t seen in years? Or that crazy dorm friend who’s now a leading business man?

Regardless, just because you missed wishing them on Diwali doesn’t mean you should wait till next year. Make a move right now; let them know that you remember them and just how important they are to you.

Dial a good online Indian sweet shop

While some stores are already out of sweets, there are still many who are continuing the Diwali celebratory mood, still offering many different types of delicious sweets; laddus, barfis, rosogullas, and more. Order a pack! And bank on the unmatched delivery service of these sweet shops. Quick, efficient and of course very cheap, the sweet sweets and amazing delivery assures to leave your relatives and friends surprised, happy and in awe. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

What Are The Perks Of Shopping Flowers Online?

With the increasing popularity of online shopping facility, nothing is unavailable on the e-stores which take just a few clicks to purchase a product. Whether it is the door to door delivery services or the comfort of choosing your favourite items sitting on your couch, online stores have changed the way shopping used to be.

Now the good news is that, it is not only limited to clothes, accessories or cosmetics! You can now purchase flowers online with the arrival of reputed florists in the virtual arena. Whether it is your beloved’s birthday or your parents’ anniversary, now you no longer need to visit the flower shops in person and stand in the cue to buy your bouquets. You can simply do it online by just visiting your favourite florist’s website and placing your order.

You Get Wide Variety At Online Flower Shops

When it comes to variety, you get very little options at the local stores whilst the flower shops online will offer you a huge variety in breeds, colours, designs and assortments of flowers that you will enjoy giving to your loved one. You will have the comfort of choosing the perfect gift for your friend or lover sitting on your couch or at your office when you can take a little time out to select the best floral gift for the person close to your heart.

Fresh Flowers on the Way with Online Flower Shops

Buying flowers from the local florist requires you to buy it right before you are going to give it to someone. Otherwise, buying it a night before will simply take its lustre away. However, with online flower shops, you will not face this problem. They will select the freshest flowers which will last longer and deliver it on the right time so that your bouquet doesn’t look 2-3 days old. You can also opt for a same day delivery with some of highly reputed stores.

With flower shops online, you can also send flowers to the address of your loved ones if you can’t be present there in person. When your close ones stay abroad or out of state, you can still gift them fresh flowers with the help of these top online florists.