Monday, 12 August 2013

Cakey… merry… party!

A glorious wedding can multiply its gloriousness with a deliciously baked and designed cake proudly flaunting at the center table. The ritual has gained so much fame due to numerous benefits and reasons.       

Although, the concept of wedding cake is not much well-accepted in the Indian wedding ritual apart from Christians, just like we have borrowed friendship day, mother’s day and other western cultures; the cake cutting custom is also becoming a common trend. As, we all believe that the festive and fun filled moments are very precious and momentary; if by spending little we can make them extra joyous and special why not do it?

Bang on to the aesthetic plea
The beautifully decorated and mouth watering piece at the center table will surely steal the lime light. The aesthetic quotient is very much related to the mouth watering factor as the taste of food comes from the eyes first and then to the taste buds in the tongue.

Happiness multiplies if you divide
The cake definitely is the symbol of contentment in a wedding occasion. After it is being cut by the bride and groom; the stars of the eve, sharing the slice of sweetness indeed spreads love and coziness among the near and dear ones.

Myriads of choices
Too many options; themes and customizing features have made it a must have item in every occasion in the present epoch. In addition to that, there are online cake shops with door step delivery services also were you can browse through numerous delights; design your own photo-cake and order. 

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