Tuesday, 8 October 2013

This heart attack is everyone’s desire

It’s worth dying for this superlative delicacy. After all, you are getting served with a cream enriched, strawberry topped confectionary delight, and that too fresh from none other than Taj bakery! Literally, this is the tasteful Heart Attack, and you will definitely want it to happen again and again. 

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You would love to find yourself lost into this cream zone, automatically implying a great time ahead for all your hungry taste buds. Confectionaries were hardly tasteful to this extent, and why not? It’s fresh from Taj bakery ovens, ready to woo you with its unrivalled and yummiest delights. In fact, not just cascading creams, this confectionary masterpiece incarnates brilliant garnishing with luscious strawberries at the centre. Tastes like heaven at every bite; that’s the magic you got to experience while consuming. The shape somehow relates with the name Heart Attack, but perhaps you wouldn’t mind either to die for this unmatched delicacy, served fresh on your platter from the ovens run by master chefs.

For all implied reasons, this item is all set to be the showstopper at your gala event. Be it the giggling kids or your ever beautiful lady love- it is meant to satiate everyone having a nose for quality confectionary stuffs. In fact, it requires guts to ignore this temptation.

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