Monday, 20 October 2014

Celebrate This Puja with Traditional Sweets-The Mithai!

Bengalis and their love for rosogolla and misthi doi is now an open secret. And with kali puja round the corner along with Diwali, you must be planning with your family and friends how to make most of the time, that is ways in which you can have a fun filled time of unlimited joy and frolic. It’s that time of the year when your near and dear ones meet up with you after a long time to enjoy some fun filled chatty moments.

Kali Puja is grandly celebrated by Bengalis all over the world and delicacies like Rosomalai, Kalajam, Sankh Sandesh and Gulapjaman are on the top of the food list. The celebration with all these mouth watering stuff makes the festive time all the more joyful and enjoyable. However, to avail these traditional sweets at home without the messy hassles opt for Indian sweets online where the e-stores get you these delicacies that taste like home cooked stuff.

If you plan to get a wee bit adventurous then the online Indian sweets shop has also come up with mithais like kaju barfi and peda, which may not be traditionally Bengali but is too much loved by all Indian communities. Indian sweets has a huge fan following abroad too and if you want to go ahead and gift your beloved staying in foreign land with a box of these salivating treats, then the online portal shops makes that possible too.

has a wide variety of traditional delicacies from which you can make your selection and place your orders accordingly. However if you want to present your near ones with flowers along with chocolates and the traditional mithai, to make it a bit innovative, then puja gift online is definitely the best bet for you!

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