Monday, 21 March 2016

Life without Online Florists and Their Delivery Services

Today online florists and their same-day  flower delivery services play a very important role in our lives. Be it the festivals like Diwali and Holi or the personal occasions like birthdays and baby showers, they are right there at our steps on time with the beautiful, sweet essence flower package. But since we have taken these stores and flowers delivery for granted, what if we cycle back in time? What if these online flowers stores didn’t exist today? How would the festivals and anniversaries look like?
flowers delivery

Here are ten possible scenarios if the above mentioned instances happened to be true-

1  You won’t be able to surprise your best friends on their birthdays with midnight online flowers delivery.
2.  You will have to search the city for good flower stores.
3.  The types and varieties of flowers available to you would be very limited.
4.   You would stick to red roses for every occasion.
5.   Your festive days would start without the sweet essence of lilies.
6.   You would be oblivious to the charm of multi-color gerberas.
7.   You wouldn’t get as fresh of flowers as online flowers shops would have otherwise offered you.
8.   Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, dates, marriages, and more would be flowerless or with less flowers.
9. You will have to pay much higher price- even with you visiting the stores and buying flowers yourself.
10. You will have to walk back home from stores hasslings the now-poor condition of your flower package, thanks to crowded bus.

Life of people addicted to buying beautiful flowers online on every event or occasion and enjoying fast and on-time flower delivery India services would become hard. Good thing there exist many good online florists who, with their wide assortments and same-day delivery promise ensure that people don’t have to see such flowerless days.

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