Friday, 15 April 2016

Discover the Meanings of Some Flowers before Buying Them from Online Shops

From birthday to farewell to get-well-soon wishes there's nothing that can express your feelings better than a nice bouquet of flowers. In fact a strand of red rose is enough to get you closer to your loved ones. But do you know that each flower has a different meaning and carries some symbolism due to its various origins and its connection to ancient mythology? In the following guide we have unravelled a few meanings and the distinct languages of flowers. Wait, we know you may want to buy them. So there's no way you can go past the online florist shops. Take a look.

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Roses symbolise love, beauty and passion in general, but different hued roses  have different meanings. So if you are buying a bouquet of roses for your girlfriend on her birthday from an Online Flower Shop, make sure that you know what each color means. Pink roses express gratitude that a couple feels for meeting one another and white ones depict innocence while the red and ivory roses indicate passion and fidelity towards one another.


Lily, dated back to the 1580 B.C, has a major role in ancient mythology. Since these majestic blooms are quite fashionable to look at, they are often used in elaborate wedding arrangements to add elegance and sophistication to the entire ceremony. So you can visit a reputed florist to place your order for these flowers to create a stunning bride bouquet or a centre table piece and avail their online flower delivery service to get them at the exact location.


Though the name literally suggests golden flower, chrysanthemums signify truth, wealth and abundance. Originating in the 15th century B.C. these blossoms have a plenty of stories and a rooted connection to Greek mythology. In fact they can be fused with other types of blooms since chrysanthemums have no fragrance of their own.

You can also send artificial flowers to those who are staying abroad and surprise them with a heart-rending message, tied to the gift box placing online flower orders at a well known floral site.

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