Tuesday, 31 May 2016

7 reasons to order cakes online even when it's no one's birthday

If you really like cakes (well, of course you do!) birthdays and anniversaries are the poor excuse to feast on them. Poor, especially with top stores making online cake order process as simple as burping after eating it. Even their cake online delivery service has become jet fast and very efficient with same day delivery option.

Online Cake Delivery

Here we provide you with 7 amazing reasons to order and receive online cake delivery even when it's not someone's birthday or anniversary-
  1. Top online cake stores are offering special discount. In price of one, you can now order 2 cakes. We know, AWESOME!

  2. Your favorite sports team had a blast in a tournament. Like KKR had quite a run in this IPL. Yep, they lost- but only after an outstanding and fighting performance. That calls in for celebration with chocolate cake (s), doesn't it?

  3. You posted a selfie on Facbook and received no 'Likes' and you cared no less, no more. Go for cake online delivery and feed on it for your badass and indifferent attitude.

  4. Your crush finally saw you yesterday and today, she finally (FINALLY!) said "hie". Best. Day. Ever. Right?You managed to lose 100 whole grams off your weight. You kept your New Year's resolution of getting in shape. Now of course that needs to be celebrated.

  5. Unlike others, you don't give a squat about all the hullabaloo of 'Game of Thrones'. You're just happy watching the re-runs of 'That '70s show'. You're different; you're unique; you must feast on cookie cakes to savor your uniqueness.

  6. Its 11:00 at night, you can't sleep. You're hungry. You open your fridge and there's nothing. You finally have your "Oh, wait" moment. You realize online stores, aside from offering amazing and scrumptious cakes also offer midnight delivery. So you shoot your browser and go for online cake order.
Hopefully these 7 awesome reasons would be sufficient to convince you for online cake order today. Need more reasons? Worry not; we'll be back with another list. Till then, keep ordering.

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