Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Indulge into Sugariness of Cakes and Cookies This Valentine’s Day with Your Spouse!

Valentine’s Day, celebrated on the 14th of February every year is recognised as the day of love all over the world. Couples, married or just dating, have an affinity of indulging into activities that proclaim their love for each other. Exchanging of valentines gifts is kind of a compulsion for partners as a way of announcing their love. Though there is no prescribed way of celebrating the day (no compulsory dinner!), couples usually stick to flowers and cakes which are successfully recognised as symbols of love. No Valentine’s Day date is complete without a cake. It is essentially romantic. So, if you are planning to surprise your lover this year, pamper yourselves with some of the best desserts. Here is a list that puts some of them together for your better understanding.

valentines gifts

Marshmallow and cookie bouquet

Flowers always set the perfect setting on a Valentine’s Day. But this year make things a little innovative and unique with marshmallow and cookie bouquet. Take champagne glasses and wine glasses and fill them with delicious and pristine marshmallow. Use sticks to place the cookies inside the glass. Edible and cute, this is surely going to make your partner fill with amazement and love.

Cherry torte cookies

Valentine’s Day is that day of the year when you can make your partner feel special without making much effort. You can spell out a sweet message using these pint sized cookies. The sharpness of the cherry definitely leaves you wanting for more, but it is actually the variety in their shapes and size which makes these little delights so popular. Each showcases an individual letter which can be used to craft sentences and convey distinct messages making things more romantic and setting the mood right.

Vanilla and bread hearts cake

Nothing can beat a heart cake when celebrating the most romantic day of the year. This jam-filled cake that satisfies the taste buds is enough to get things going on this particular day. Arrange breads in layers and fill them with vanilla and jam. Bake them till they become golden brown in colour. Cut them in heart shapes and place them on clean dinner plates. Use strawberries and icing sugar as toppings and just enjoy the rest of the evening with a glass of champagne and good music.

valentines cakes

Chocolate cookies with hot chocolate sauce

If you and your partner are both chocoholics (addicted to chocolates you see!) then chocolate cookies are the best delicacies you can have after a sumptuous dinner. These cookies are easy to make and the ingredients are easily available. To spice things up, you can some hot chocolate sauce as a dip. The richness of chocolate combined with the smoothness of the decadent cookies form one of the best valentines cakes and cookies.

Champagne cupcakes with butternut frosting

Champagne cupcakes are easy to make and taste like heaven. You can make them with your favourite jam filling or use preserve to add to its tangy palate. Some butternut frosting on top will add the required amount of sweetness to the little cups of delight. Even you are feeling a little experimental, then use strawberries as toppings which will not only act as aficionados but also balance the sweet and salty taste.

To conclude, from simple recipes to complicated ones, there are a lot of options available. To add to the setting, you can opt for some garden fresh flowers as decorative accessories. Valentine day gift online shopping makes things easier as you get a vast inventory of products to choose from at affordable prices. So make every moment special with your loved one this year. 

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